It’s widely expected Apple will be announcing three new iPhones this week;  a 5.8-inch device with an OLED display that resembles the current iPhone X. We will almost certainly make jokes about the price, and that name, even though it might, according to rumours, actually be cheaper than the current £1,000 iPhone X.

Meanwhile, Google sent out invitations to an October 9 event at which it is expected to unveil new models of its Android-powered Pixel smartphones.

The Economist asks why startups are leaving Silicon Valley stating that the technology hub is on the wane.

Microsoft announced a slow down to Windows 10 release cycle after numerous complaints from the world of business, about it forcing companies into a continuous update cycle.

Last week’s major cyber-crime story is the sophisticated malicious criminal attack on the British Airways Website, resulting in the theft of financial details relating to 380,000 transactions. Whilst this was an out-and-out attack, there’s a growing problem in the Connected Car IndustryMaybe it’s not that long until we all get chipped for tracking!

One of the world’s biggest selling smartphones that you’ve never heard of; KaiOS-powered phones are gaining traction in markets where feature phones still hold sway. In India, they have overtaken Apple’s iOS to become the second-most popular devices after Android handsets.