Google’s YouTube, Google and Waze combined to account for 34.2% of all time on digital media according to Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser. Facebook (and Instagram) remains stable but not growing relative to Google.

In VR, the augmented reality company Magic Leap has started selling its long-awaited first gadget: a pair of black tinted fly-eyed goggles called Magic Leap One. A school is successfully integrating VR into lessons; VR also used successfully in therapy to help people combat their vertigo. Could it be that this is the VR sweet spot rather than in entertainment?

Tesla is making  7,000 cars a week. And one of them was driven 1,000km on Auto Pilot.

A long held belief of techspel has been proven scientifically.

The latest Ofcom Market Report shows 50.9% of all radio listening is now digital (solid growth in DAB) and podcast downloads up from 7% of UK adults to 11%. Interesting that podcast listening is so evenly distributed throughout the day and evening.

Social media has led to an unnecessary increase in exclamation marks!!!