Alexa takes on its biggest rollout yet in a partnership with Marriott hotels. It’s notable both in scale, and also the choice of Alexa over Siri (both were under test). With 5,000+ linguists and technologists working on Alexa, Amazon seems to be well on top in the smart speaker battle.

Microsoft’s heavy investment into deep learning, might not be a sound one.

Google, despite having lost out to Microsoft in the purchase of GitHub, have bounced back with a demonstration of ‘Duplex’, an automated assistant that offers a real insight into what the future might be.

One thing it might not be, is full of high altitude drones beaming internet down. This week Facebook cancelled its Aquilla program, and appears to be favouring fibre again.  They’re not the only ones experimenting with this technology.

In the world of Blockchain, IBM have launched a starter platform for blockchain developers, declaring an intent to democratise the tech, and if you’re not sure what it might be used for beyond BitCoin, here are some suggestions.

In the online content world, Apple may be copying Amazon’s Homework with an All-Inclusive ‘Prime-alike’.

BP have acquired the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging network, Chargemaster, with a clear view to rolling out fast-charge points at service stations across the UK.