We’ve been celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage, and although tremendous progress has been made in many areas, it has to be said that the engineering sector has some way to go, both in behaviour, and the gender pay gap.

The EU is redrafting Copyright laws and drawn the ire of over 70 web luminaries; it potentially entrenches existing players and strengthens the hand of copyright holders to the loss of everyone else.

We’ve seen the hijacking of domains at gunpoint, automated but unintentional firing of an employee and another data leak 😦

The 5G specification has been finished, means that chip manufacturers now have something to work to, in order to make super fast networks a reality.

Gartner is predicting that Microsoft will only support Office 365 as of the end of 2020, because paying once for something is so overrated …

Twitter is on its way back with 336 million monthly active users.

London is turning out to be the AI capital of Europe … and you can use AI of sorts to find out which World Cup player YOU look like although we’re not happy that James Bond could be representing Germany.

And finally, could you drink less coffee, and still be as awake and alert? The U.S. military thinks so.