June has been a busy month in tech …

Microsoft purchased GitHub for $7.5Bn; GitHub commits to open source projects in all fields but 13,000 projects jumped ship to GitLab after the announcement.

In the USA the Net Neutrality repeal went into effect making it possible for ISPs to prioritise paid traffic and premium services; if they can negotiate the 29 states that have 65 bills in process to protect it.

Apple confirmed their latest iOS update is likely to upset police organisations the world over. iOS 12 will lock down the primary method law agencies have for cracking into iPhones belonging to suspects. They’ll also be unpopular with early adopters of the iWatch as WatchOS5 renders first generation devices defunct.

There’s been a decline in Smartphone shipments for the first time as average prices drop. So what can Apple do to change that? Maybe copy Huawei and opt for three cameras instead of one.

The world’s fastest supercomputer has debuted in Tennessee with a capability of 200 petaflops, and that’s not just for mining bitcoin.

The UK Government is consulting with business to ensure safe and ethical innovation in data and AI.

Finally, with the World Cup underway  here’s who an AI simulation predicted to win. There are other AI models of course, Goldman Sachs came up with a different but even more obvious forecast. Techspel could’ve come up with that result and we don’t understand the offside rule. We will go with whatever Achilles the psychic cat predicts.