Lots happening in the ticketing and virtual reality world this month.

The UK government’s new law bans ticket touts from using ‘bots’ to buy tickets for resale on secondary ticketing sites at hugely inflated prices. At the same time, blockchain technology is also being trialled in order to trace tickets back to their source.

This summer’s football world cup will be the first to use blockchain in an attempt to outwit the touts using the Aventus protocol. Plenty of others are playing in this space, with live trials already working, from SecuTix to Guts.

Ticketmaster plans to use face-recognition tech to check people into events.; No ticket required.

The release of the affordable and untethered Occulus Go could be the inflexion point this technology badly needed; Oculus’ chief technology officer is John Carmack who believes that developing VR is a “moral imperative”.

Coachella live-streamed some acts in VR and Melody VR launched an app allowing you to jump into live concerts or intimate shows with artists and enjoy the music as if you are there. With NextVR, the amount of music content is at a level where we can really see if this something that consumers want.

There is another option for life-blogging, with a point and shoot camera that captures your memories in VR.