The Winter Olympics is over and it seems the Russians hacked in and tried to make it look like North Korea.

Following on from the Falcon Heavy Launch, SpaceX has now launched two demo satellites of a potential constellation of over a thousand to provide broadband from Low Earth Orbit.

In search, first placed Google released their latest version of the Chrome Browser complete with built-in filter to remove Ads that contravene best practice. Being in second place is still lucrative as Microsoft announced results for paid search revenue from its Bing Search engine grew 15% last year to reach $1.8 billion (and LinkedIn generated $1.3 billion in ad revenue for the company).

In voice search, Amazon has been back in the news over a controversial ad that caused an Alexa to trigger. Alternatively, you could just play records backwards until it buys you that car you always wanted. But maybe the biggest insight into the world of Smart devices comes from a journalist who tried a two month experiment, to see exactly how chatty her devices were. Following on from its launch at the start of the month, the Apple Home Pod joins this line up of smart assistants, though it’s been making headlines for not being compatible with wooden surfaces.

Cryptocurrency mining is getting popular and now we are harnessing personal computers to mine in bot nets, at scale.

Finally, as jobs start to get replaced by smart AI technology there are still 5 jobs that are in growth in 2018.