Intel outlined 8 technologies that they believe are key ‘accelerants’ to other technology changes in 2018. AI and Crypto Currencies are in most analysts “big themes” especially after the explosion of Bitcoin (pointless fact here) and associated hacking at the end of 2017. Expect state regulation to follow.

2018 will see more Cat and Mouse between web advertisers and adblockers;  Ad targeters pulling data from browser password managers and many sites adopting silent anti-ad-blocking measures.  Only a matter of time before the Ad-Blocking community responds.

The first cyber security news of the year was that a pair of vulnerabilities found in Intel processor chips, making it possible for Kernel memory to be tampered with. It affects virtually all machines with Intel processors;  Microsoft, Linux and Apple are rushing out security patches with a potential 30% speed impact.


2018 will reveal the first effects of the end of net neutrality;  usage caps could change online media consumption – including radio and music – leading telcos to do  exclusive deals with a streaming providers and requiring alliances for stand-alone platforms like Spotify, Tidal and Deezer.

Staying in music, Spotify added 10m subscribers to its service in the past five months – enough to push it beyond the 70m paying customer milestone. Expect an IPO.  in 2018. Amazon Music Unlimited will get pushed heavily and expect a combined Google Play Music and YouTube Red. Game on.


Transparency and ethics continues to be key topics in 2018;  following transgressions from Uber and murky ad placement and metrics on Facebook, Apple’s admission it has been slowing down iPhones with older batteries will require legal defence and supply of replacement batteries at well below the cost it would normally charge for such items. Even so, this can’t be the reason enough for a Microsoft Smartphone in 2018, surely.