A mouse went for a walk in the deep dark wood, the mouse saw a Fox and the Fox looked good. As Disney make the biggest acquisition of 2017 giving them a wealth of content and  putting them in charge of one of the biggest rivals to NetFlix – HULU (expect a rebrand soon). Whether via subscription or advertising it’s a move that’s predicated on ‘whoever has the best content wins’. Let’s be honest, with ‘The Last Jedi’ predicted to gross over $200M in opening weekend, it’s a strong argument. Disney has now withdrawn content from Netflix and announced plans for a number of original TV Shows.

Transport For London are looking for Advertisers to be the ‘Launch Partners’ for Crossrail (a.k.a. the Elizabeth Line) with a £39M price-tag.

Speedtest.net found that Global Internet Speeds rose by 30% in 2017 although the UK is not in the top 15. Probably because we’re busy conducting experiments like this. Regardless of speed  the repeal of net neutrality in the U.S. is worrying and significant  internet development to end 2017.

The Australian central bank is the latest to weigh in on the rise & rise of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. And the latest scare from the Daily Mail is cryptojacking.

Apple purchased Shazam to help its Music service.

Uber is a taxi firm after all, in Europe anyway.

Google released their insights from a year of search. Women are eight times more likely to ask Google if their husband is gay than if he is an alcoholic and in the UK “How to make slime?” was surprisingly common question.

Amazon Echo can be useful for people suffering from Alzheimers’: “I can ask it what day it is twenty times a day and I will still get the same correct answer.

For those who want a new computer maybe one of these would do the trick. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.