Good news for those that feel the need to shop whilst driving. If you weren’t distracted by texting at the wheel then how could reserving a table at a restaurant present any issues?

As Christmas looms the list of the top tech toys is released along with a reminder as to why connecting everything – including toys – to the internet may not be a good idea.

If you are buying tech for Christmas, the one place you’ll no longer be able to use your bitcoin is on STEAM – it’s too volatile. Bitcoin jumped 20% in 24 hours means it’s just too hard to accept though this hasn’t stopped a semi-working app to purchase Bitcoin becoming the most downloaded app in the app store.

Investing in Crypto is still something of a wild west as only this week the Securities and Exchange Commission charged a Canadian Crypto Company with intent to defraud. It’s not all bad as you can spend cryptocurrency HullCoins on good deeds, and pies.

The Block chain craze is far from over though as Everipedia announced plans to use the technology to back its rival to Wikipedia.

Anyone off to buy a Batman outfit to help boost output?

Elon Musk is busy claiming that Tesla is building its own AI chips and they will launch a roadster into orbit round Mars, with  what he describes as  a ‘major pucker factor’. Folks, I give you the most compelling reason to be an engineer in the last decade!