Despite the turbulence of 2017, it’s been a record year for tech investment, with seven more companies founded since 2003 joining the billion dollar club.

Techspel has been to Berlin this week and met European start-ups and investors; the UK is still important and attracting more of the cash than any other European country. Amongst those receiving investment recently are Video Advertising company Innovid, who have just purchased another recipient Taykey who use analytics to target adverts more accurately.

All the talk here is about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies; you may have noticed that the value of Bitcoin increased, fell a bit, increased a bit more and then a bit more … the consensus here is that it’s more likely to double than to halve. The Winklevoss brothers who tried and failed to gain control of Facebook used part of their settlement to by $11m of Bitcoin 4 years ago which is now worth $1bn.

Staying with big numbers,  the Giant 100MW Tesla battery in Southern Australia was commissioned with a 100 day delivery timeline.

As Arqiva begins it’s 5G trials and speeds of 1.1Gbps, 4G arrives on the London Underground.

Whoever is responsible for educating MPs about Cyber Security has a lot of work to do.

Procter & Gamble described the digital-media supply chain as “murky at best, fraudulent at worst” and as advertisers become more wary of brand safety on YouTube and attribution accuracy on Facebook, it turns out radio is a safer place for media transparency.

The power of NASA designing systems for maximum reliability (and longevity). In more ephemeral news, having just mastered Snapchat we now have a new user interface to figure out.

Finally, Ofcom have issued their (authoritative) annual survey of how children consume media in the UK. 53% of Under 4s are now online, as are 79% of 5-7 year olds and 94% of 8-11 year olds. It appears that 11 years old is the age when the TV and tablet reduce their importance and smart phones become the most valued device their world.