Struggling to keep up with digital currencies? Don’t know your Bitcoin from your Digibyte? Here’s a handy and concise guide, but which type is your browser mining?

Ever growing suspicion of technology is inevitable as discoveries highlight weaknesses and deliberate mal-intent in our websites  It’s not limited to browsers of course with the potential for every lightbulb to be a server and a new report shows consumers are reluctant to purchase IoT’s due to security concerns.

These concerns are exacerbated when we see the behaviour of big tech companies like UBER with our data, and the apparent (to-date) lack of heavy punishment, and the undermining of our attempts to make things secure by digital certificate. Let’s see whether this is the start of a wave of class-action law suits that act as the ultimate deterrent.

As the net neutrality rollback looks set to go ahead in the U.S. is this what the inventor of the web foresaw for his creation? Perhaps a better question might actually be if businesses actually understand the implications of such legal changes, as a new survey shows only half of IT Pro’s think their leadership is digitally literate.

Tech Talent Charter launched aiming to improve diversity and inclusion in tech industry.

Finally, Amazon celebrates the 10th birthday of the kindle, Apple misses the boat on Smart Speakers for 2017 and there is some cool tech getting ready for Christmas future.