This week the NHS turned to tech in a bid to reduce the £8.8Bn per year it spends tackling Diabetes. But do multiple devices just prevent multiple attack vectors for hackers? A Government advisor has suggested that a registration scheme for all IoT devices may be the best way to combat this threat.

In the world of Broadcast media, it’s been a big week as the first 5G network went live in Berlin to enable testing and development of the technology prior to worldwide release, and in the States, the FCC approved a new standard to enable advertisers to better target their customers.

An AI report suggests ten things that its creators and supervisors should be considering throughout both development and deployment.

A word of warning to all those who let graphic designers loose on their UI’s; sometimes ‘modern’ isn’t as productive as traditional.

Data-driven transformation is becoming a question of life or death in most industries.

Bill Gates has announced his intention to build a smart city called Belmont, in Arizona, to rival Silicon Valley, Google announces that it now uses 100% renewable energy, and Elon Musk has unveiled the first Tesla truck.

Finally, if you only visit one website this week, make it this one it really brings history to life in a compelling way.