As Global acquires Audio HQ to create the largest programmatic audio platform, Google is looking to get programmatic insertion into our TV streams.

After revealing this week that Alexa has had over 250,000 marriage proposals, Amazon’s next big bet is letting you communicate without a smartphone.

This week, the world of Science Fiction got a little closer to reality as researchers stored 140MB of audio in a sequence of DNA.

Kaspersky, the Russian antivirus company, saw the U.S. ban use of their products for government agencies. Still, there’s a new game in town as the Canadian equivalent of GCHQ has released its own malware detection tool to the masses.

Apple Boss Tim Cook was interviewed in Vogue about Fashion and Retail and is pretty bullish about the future of AR and after the $200 Oculus for home, there is now an Oculus for business. Even cooler, and in the ‘I gotta get me one of those’; A Holodeck from NVidia.

Microsoft are pruning;  after the closure of their Groove music service last week, came the demise of the Windows 10 mobile. There’s also rumours about the future of their Surface hardware business.

Japan found a long dark tunnel on the Moon, and after NASA’s test of WiFi on the moon in 2014, Vodafone plan to put a mobile base station there perhaps to capitalise on the roaming charges from the tourist rush or beat the inevitable spectrum auction.

As Captain Picard never said, “I’m off to order some ‘Tea, Earl Grey, Hot’ from my replicator, have a great weekend”. With thanks to David Holroyd, Liam Whiteside and Bruce Perrett for their contributions.