As witnessed in the Caribbean and in Mexico recently, technology has a significant part to play in the aftermath of a disaster. At the forefront is the seemingly ubiquitous drone;  not always a a smooth flight but has allowed us to see things from a different (and previously impossible) angle.

Talking of a different angle, the National Theatre is bringing A.R. to subtitles; possibly the most genuinely useful use of AR so far and we might finally understand Opera.

In Security, the Ex-CEO of Equifax wasted no time in throwing an employee under the bus for its recent breach, which affected 145 million people, whilst Yahoo admitted this week, that a breach in 2013 actually affected all 3 BILLION! Accounts it had.

Tech Companies are also the subject of much debate about tax, and this week two rulings hit the headlines, as Ireland was in trouble for not taxing Apple correctly, and Luxembourg was in trouble for its relationship with Amazon.

A few weeks back we enjoyed a collection of explosions courtesy of SpaceX, but last week Elon Musk was back describing the company’s future direction. It’s a long watch, but made all the more enjoyable by not explaining BFR.

Amazon launched not one but seven new products; Amazon clearly want to place themselves, and particularly the Echo, at the centre of the smart home, and in the case of BMW, in your car. A move that seems in contrast to the MVP (Minimum Viable product) for Tesla’s Model 3 – where it appears that audio is an add on.

Speaking of FM Radio, the J-ET system, which enables trading between commercial radio stations in the UK turned 18, having quietly administered just under £5Bn of radio campaigns. The chair of the FCC has spoken publicly about Apple (amongst others) not enabling the FM chips in the iPhone.

Cupertino is also in the news since the release of the iPhoneX has also caused discussion about the best way to secure your phone.  It comes as researchers dig further into biometrics and also expose the three least effective enterprise security measures.

In big number news, the latest Marea subsea cable from Microsoft & Facebook is definitely where it’s at this week.

It’s only 80 days until Christmas so how about a robotic face controlled ball or the worlds best selling home computer reimagined; a reboot of the C64.