Last week we started by mentioning the arrival of Alexa into high end speakers. Well this week, it’s Google’s assistant making it into high end headphones. Google also get a mention this week for this experiment, which will definitely require headphones. We also talked about failing fast, but failed to mention the most public fail of the week – the iPhoneX not unlocking for a recognised face on it’s launch. I mean it’s not like your friends trigger that mechanism in a pub to deliberately lock your phone or anything… There’s also trouble for Cupertino as the major feature of the newly released Apple Watch Series 3 doesn’t work properly.

O2 announced the departure of two senior members of staff without replacements as yet, and Facebooks video analytics are deemed ‘not quite there yet’ by members of the advertising industry.

On the roads China’s Baidu puts up a fund of over £1bn for autonomous vehicle projects around the world – should we consider the impact of solar flares on satellite navigation? More prosaic but an impact in Lonndon could be the withdrawl of Uber’s taxi licence.

At sea, startup Flexport turns the automation of forwarding shipping containers round the world into a business worth $800M, and in the Home, Panasonic announce a mobile fridge that frankly is the stuff of April fools.

Here’s what happens when you decide your 2D billboard doesn’t move enough.

The Ig-Nobel awards are announced and are weird and wonderful as always … and it turns out you should ‘walk away’ from links offering Craig David’s music for free.