Alexa and Ok Google technology has made their way into new speakers from Harman and JBL. As research shows that the number one use of these digital assistants is music streaming there will be some quarters rejoicing at the proliferation of devices. However there are certainly some elements of this blog that I can understand.

Streaming was in the news this week, as Spotify is accused of neglecting it’s duty to songwriters in order to be first to market, and HBO struggle with the Piracy of Game Of Thrones, saying season seven was illegally streamed and downloaded over a billion times.

Also this week we saw the launch of the iPhone8, 8s and X (that’s ten). Here’s the review and breakdown. At £999 you definitely don’t want to be dropping it into water or leaving it somewhere. Whilst facial recognition took a lot of attention, wireless charging might end-up being the most profound new feature.

In more thought provoking territory, as the gig economy presents some new challenges to CIO’s, one Marketing guru takes a look at the media industry, and suggests that the future is not all new media.

To round off this week, we find that no matter how smart your coder is, some users are smarter, as Facebook’s targeted advertising is subverted by users.

Finally SpaceX are advocates of ‘fail fast’ and this week shared explosive examples of how to learn from failure(s).