As Vladimir Putin publicly stated that ‘Whoever leads the world in AI, will rule the world’, there was a call from over 100 leaders in the field for a UN resolution on AI based weapons. Amongst them Elon Musk – who’s well known for his views on the subject.

Before the apocalypse there is a growing certainty that advancements in AI and automation will render large swathes of the population unemployed – and it’s not just the manual workers at risk. The State of Hawaii is so concerned about this issue, that it’s considering a universal basic income to cope.

As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, less than a fortnight since Hurricane Harvey, companies are turning to drones to be able to assess the impact of such natural disasters more rapidly. As the Drone Industry booms China has introduced strict new tests for would-be pilots.

Staying with China, a ban on launching new digital currencies until a better legal framework is in place saw the value of crypto currencies including Bitcoin & Ethereum fall violently. Other countries maytake similar action to prevent an unregulated bubble happening in their economies.

Tinder returned to the top-grossing spot in the App-Store by providing a top-up service to let users see who had ‘Swiped Right’. It’s a good example both of companies monetising data they already have and how narcissistic people are.

Hackers stole 143m personal data records from Equifax and there are now concerns that hackers could also send secret commands to speech recognition systems using ultrasound.

Finally, two stories that are ‘very cool’ in different ways;  refrigeration with no moving parts saving electricity in offices and data centres, and Lilium has just raised $90 Million to help get their airborne taxi off the ground.