There’s an abundance of Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality news at the moment. Apple plans to bring AR to both iPhone & iPad with the upcoming release of IOS 11 whilst Google has announced its plans for AR on Android.

The future of Microsoft in this space is less clear as components of Hololens went out of production. A product leaving the market due to the unavailability of components is inevitable, however when all the major chip manufacturers are working on A.R. chips either internally or through acquisitions, this is a surprise.

As Intel announced a massive performance hike in its next generation processors for 4k video and AR, ASUS are focussing on high performance hardware for mining bitcoin with the release of a Motherboard that can potentially support over 24,000 processing cores.

The availability of High Performance Computing (HPC) comparatively cheaply is also bringing benefits in other fields, such as maths, where it’s now possible to look for proofs by simple brute force, rather than the more elegant methods of induction etc.

Back in the normal world, Toyota, has decided the next key weapon in making teenagers drive more safely, is the stereo. Whether it’s a viable deterrent, I’ll let you decide.

In the world of streaming, ROKU has finally filed for IPO on the Nasdaq, and Sky has very clearly indicated it believes the future lies in content on demand, as it creates 300 new jobs in the field.

The Office for National Statistics confirms Email to be the most popular use for the web in the UK.

American radio faces a grim future unless it adapts.

Finally, as a Canadian University found itself on the end of a phishing scam that cost it $10 Million, Instagram revealed a flaw in its systems that revealed “a number of” stars’ phone numbers and email addresses to cyber-attackers. Remember to stay distrustful, deeply cynical and double check everything online, and you won’t go far wrong.