The new iPhone is set for release on September 12 and it may even come with either 3D facial recognition or a wireless charging capability; or both; or neither. Essential, a new phone from the Android creator, is about to ship soon too. This could reverse the trend that smart phone users are keeping there phones longer causing profit warnings at major retailers.

Apple are apparently budgeting $1bn to create unique content next year; it sounds a lot but less than the $5bn Amazon and the $6bn Netflix are investing in content and with NBC’s daily SnapChat show reaching 29m adults and Facebook looking to acquire more and more sports rights it looks like “content is king” after all. Hiring a large team based in LA, will Apple combine Music and Movies in a single subscription service?

Spotify continues to outgrow subscribers compared to Apple Music and has its eye on being the third advertising platform after Facebook and Google.

Hot on the heels of the Amazon Echo Show, Facebook set to launch a big screen video chat device and smart speaker.

Whilst Google haven’t announced any plans to add video to their digital assistant, they are planning to ask you whether you are depressed based on what you search for …