Spotify has surpassed 60mn paying subscribers, outgrowing Apple, and strong numbers in family subscriptions. Spotify decided to remove white supremacy music after events in Charlottesville.

Sky are launching a new VIP TV channel that will air HBO, Showtime and Sky Original Productions 24 hrs before their regular broadcast on Sky Atlantic for subscribers who have been with them for 3 years or more.

Meanwhile HBO faced ransom demands from hackers who breached their network in order to steal as-yet unreleased episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ whilst Facebook moved into the video world with full programmes via its new ‘Watch’ tab.

Disney announced their own direct to consumer content strategy and removed content from Netflix; others may follow?

Netflix is vulnerable too to rights owners removing content from them. Disney is strong enough to make their own streaming work – and having a Disney app on your smart TV or your smartphone (with Chromecast?) solve some of the distribution issues.

Snapchat released poor earnings figures but looking to acquire a Chinese selfie drone maker Zero Zero Robotics (that makes the Hover Drone) for $150-$200mn.

Interesting read from Ofcom on UK listening trends in audio and radio; 63% listen to music-focused radio stations, while 38% listen to speech-based radio. Three in ten say they use an online music service, while 16% have listened to podcasts.

Finally, scientists confirm what every true Scotsman could have told them before the study. Whisky does taste better with a splash of water, and avoid ice. Off for a wee dram …