Russia looks like it will ban the use of VPNs, and in a similar move China is also seeking to ban any VPN that is not approved by the state and traverse state owned equipment.

US legislators have grown bored of the rush to market IoT devices with security as an afterthought. If it works, other governments will follow.

UK households looking forward to faster internet as BT offers to fulfil the governments USO (Universal Service Obligation) for 10Mbps to every household, and Amazon’s Alexa learns a new skill courtesy of the DVLA.

After WhatsApp hit 1 Billion daily users,  Instagram stories turns one and it’s daily use now surpasses Snapchat a company that Google was potentially prepared to spend $30 billion on only a year ago.

Also in trouble this week is the ever recurrent BitCoin, after the developers of the currency couldn’t agree on the direction the code for the virtual currency should take. The result, why have one virtual currency, when you can have two? – welcome BitcoinCash! Bitcoin is also in the news this week as the wallets that received payments in relation to the WannaCry ransomware attack were emptied this week.

Casting an eye to the future, it’s worth noting that this week Google have started testing a version of their Chrome browser that contains a built in adblocker. Now all I need is something to surpress the irritating messages that come up saying “We notice you’re using an adblocker”.

And Finally… If you ever wondered why Cyber security was important, billboards are being hacked.