This week we’ve got big numbers to report as WhatsApp hits 1 Billion daily users, sending over 55 billion messages a day. There’s no doubt that messaging is big business, as in a recent round of funding Slack were valued at circa $9Bn.

A smaller, but nonetheless respectable, figure of $10.8 million was raised this week by Node, a startup using AI to help salespeople find better leads. Turns out the founder of Node claims to have been one of Google’s youngest employees.

A disagreement on Twitter this week between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg over exactly how much of a threat AI represents to the Human Race; AI and ethics is a moral maze.

Another recurrent theme is block chain where this week Greek Police have arrested someone in relation to laundering $4Bn of the bitcoin crypto currency and Renault announced their intention to use the technology for providing a single traceable log of a vehicle’s maintenance history.

A few weeks ago we reported a judgement in Canada that could have worldwide implications for search results in Google. Unsurprisingly, this week, Google are in Court in the U.S. to argue that a Canadian judgement cannot be enforced worldwide.

Amazon shifted a lot of Echo Dots on Prime Day, Google Home is selling better than they forecast and in China there are cool start-ups focusing on the intelligent speaker market for music buffs experiencing  “finger-spinner level sales” (Thanks Ben Evans).

Finally this week was the deprecation of MS Paint, followed by a swift reprieve, by Microsoft, and then the announcement of an end date for Flash by Adobe.

(Thanks to Nick Reineke for his nice Paint work)