Following last week’s temporary reduction in price of the Occulus Rift headset, this week there’s news from Google about the relaunch of its ill-fated glass project, this time aimed squarely at the workplace alongside Microsoft who are also aiming it’s HoloLens at the same place. The path to mainstream AR adoption maybe workplace first rather than gaming first?

Google launched a Job Applicant Management Tool, and their Deep mind AI has been learning parkour, some of which looks like us on a Friday night. The other major release from Mountain view is a new customised news feed. We wonder whether it will be tied into their involvement in projects to use machine learning to identify promising news stories in large data sets.

A study from Warwick University has shown that people struggle to identify manipulated images, with only a 60% success rate.

At Amazon, there’s a new social network, with the retailer attempting to build a community around a shopping feed, and Mozilla is attempting to build an open data set of speech to help train voice recognition systems.

Our favourite story of the week, comes from Washington D.C. where the effectiveness of a robot security guard comes into question. A little schadenfreude perhaps, but it’s hard not to laugh.