The Internet slowed this week as  hundreds of  sites including Reddit, Netflix, Amazon and Mozilla united against proposals from the Federal Communication Commission which they see as an imminent roll back of net neutrality rules in the US  in a campaign called “Battle for the Net”.

UK regulator, Ofcom, is preparing for a spectrum auction estimated to raise a minimum of £70M. Speaking of large sums of money, a Nasdaq data error caused millions to be wiped from share values.

Microsoft announced a new research lab with over 100 scientists working in the field. Could law and order be the next area to receive its benefits? Azure now has the ability to nest virtual windows server 2016 servers which could see costs fall dramatically. Things are not all sunny in Seattle as support for Windows Phone 8.1. officially ended.

Challenging Microsoft’s One Drive product, this week Google released Backup & Sync software. It also won a small victory in not having to pay $1.3Bn in back taxes.

Charities starting to explore block chain techniques to provide transparency around their finances and Facebook annoucned a temporary reduction of price for the Occulus Rift.

Interesting ‘out there’ stories of the week include Scientists recording movies in DNA and the first 3D printed plastic heart. Could this be the beginning of a transplant revolution?