This week we kick off with Microsoft, who are leading the charge to miniaturise, and thus reduce the cost of AI. Whilst putting AI on a Pi is impressive, their end goal is even more so. Instagram have harnessed AI in an attempt to combat extremism. (Caution – strong language in this article), and Mastercard, in concert with Facebook has harnessed the AI chatbot to make buying lunch a lot more palatable.

Cardiff University this week hooked AI to twitter, and in doing so suggested the ability to detect crimes up to an hour faster using the technology.  One area where the technology has more to do is self-driving cars; Volvo explained the problem of kangaroos.

Microsoft announced a response to the recent scourge of ransomware (though Petya was debateable) to be released to Windows 10 users in Autumn, and a survey indicates that the increase in cyber-attacks is having a direct impact on consumers’ willingness to buy new tech devices. In the more out-there space, this week researchers allege that EEG headsets could be used to read passwords from users brainwaves.

As the iPhone turns 10, here’ a handy retrospective of one tech device that truly changed the world, and a look forward to Facebooks first internet drone, which might just do it again.

We’ve saved possibly the best story of the week to the end. This week researchers have announced a new pro-biotic beer that can boost immunity and improve gut health. We’re off to the pub, who’s round is it?