This week saw rulings from the courts affecting the tech industry; a jaw dropping  fine issued to Google by the European Union and a ruling in Canada that could set a precedent that could impact on your day to day browsing.

Another major cyber-attack this week and analysts are now examining the Petya ‘ransomware’ and drawing disturbing conclusions. Tackling this at the other end, could action against bitcoin exchange operators provide a disincentive? The subject is now significant enough that India has announced its first national lab devoted to blockchain technology.

A researcher declares that vaping could be bad for you cyber security as well as your health, another group have released results indicating that your mouse movements could soon form part of your security. Though it’s just as likely that your biggest security threat comes from someone you already know.

On a more positive note, this week saw the start of construction on the largest constellation of satellites ever proposed. It also saw the completion of the first mission by Boaty McBoatface, and in what is definitely my favourite video of the week, Carnegie Mellon University show how to get bigger digital desktops in the non-clear desk world (or as we like to call it – reality).