Apple’s new stats could revolutionise the way we find podcasts. A new version of the Podcast app will tell creators of the audio shows when listeners start an episode, when they stop and what parts they skip. True crime and comedy are most popular;  listens increased by 49% last year and growth expected from more connected devices and faster networks combined with high quality studio content funded (in part) by more targeted advertising inserted at download.

Keeping information safe is becoming more difficult according to Forbes and the fallout from WnCry and repeated vulnerabilities from IoT are making this a must focus area for technologists in every industry.

Snap launched a cool (but creepy?) new social mapping feature based on its acquisition of Zenly and its spectacles are now in the UK including a fleeting appearance at the Design Museum. As others copy Snap product features and Instagram grows its daily user fast much faster, Snap’s share price is back to where it was when it floated on the stock market.

Tesla is rumoured to be working on its own music streaming service but its unlikely to knock Spotify off course for its impending IPO; 4 new directors appointed and high profile Sean Parker leaving.

VR is not just for consumers; some interesting use cases for internal staff at HQ including this from L’Oreal. Immersive technology, from iBeacons to AR & VR, is one of the 6 key trends identified by WRG agency.