Amazon surprised many with its acquisition of Whole Foods and the launch of a   ‘magic wand’ that can scan goods to buy and has AI built in. Amazon is taking the delivery of fresh grocery items very seriously and has scaled big time since its slightly mocked experimental Treasure Truck was first seen in Seattle. Whole Foods will add something to Prime but nobody seems to know what yet. Amazon’s stock price rose 3% whilst founder Jeff Bezos took to Twitter to ask how he should donate some of his £60bn fortune to good causes.

The end of a busy London Tech Week; from the Tech Academy and Learn to Code through to seed investment pitch-offs and a drone racing grand prix. There were also sessions on the need to increase diversity and inclusion in tech and the launch of the Tech Talent Charter.

The techspel team were at The University of Cambridge looking at product development and Design Thinking; much more than a fad in tech and yet another skills shortage challenge for tech managers to worry about,.

As Music streaming grows and grows, Spotify hits 140 million users.

Finally for those of a certain age, Atari is working on its first console in more than 20 YEARS and the return of classics such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Pong.