The annual slide-fest (355 this year) from Mary Meeker is all things internet and well worth a read as it charts the plateauing mobile user base and more actionable ad tech market. Over the last 9 years, Spotify has grabbed 20% of the music market and Netflix 30% of the TV market. It’s been an amazing half-decade for the big internet companies.

In the Netherlands students have developed an augmented reality headset costing just €29 tackling the cost of hardware problem facing AR. At the other end of the scale, Microsoft are trying to solve the content issue of content, and have announced a competition with prizes of up to $100,000 for the best apps for their Hololens product.

Findings from recent studies … smartphone users are more rational than those at a desktop computer,  fake news could influence this week’s election, I.T. staff spend a lot of time helping co-workers with their home I.T. issues and surprisingly Microsoft is among the weeks 5 biggest spenders on TV advertising. Our favourite is that the Pet wearables market is expected to expand by 25% per year, who knew that tracking “tiddles” would be such big business!