After the world wide focus on cyber security and patching, this week focus moved to the perils of outsourcing and disaster recovery (and not testing business continuity plans) after British Aiways closed its skies for a weekend. More businesses will realise their future business is all about data, technology and digital so areas which were deemed non-core could become very strategic very quickly.

The web is getting faster; not just greater bandwidth, faster processors and better caching but Google announced this week that its AMP pages load 50% faster than this time last year thanks in part to its Brotli compression algorithm. 2bn pages across almost 1m domains now loading twice as fast as before. Time for every publisher to review their https and AMP plans.

A quieter week for Amazon; although it announced it was launching new TV services including ITV live which requires the user to have already purchased a TV licence.

Spotify acquired Paris based Niland which uses AI technology to improve music search and recommendation capabilities.

Warby Parker uses chat bot and app to do self-service eye testing.

Removing background noise from an audio file.

When a creative social media ad campaign goes wrong for Walkers.