Only 23% of people prefer to watch television on a TV according to Accenture research. This is adversely impacting ITV revenues but good for Netflix and event YouTube growing long-form content. YouTube can’t get Barb ratings though. Meanwhile Google allows you to buy TV adverts programmatically .

Ben Evans points out this week that “A third of the ($500bn) global ad business has now moved to the internet, and Google and Facebook are more than half of that, but TV advertising has hardly changed at all, yet.”

Television is not dying, just evolving and extending beyond the reach of the traditional screen and disruption looms around television advertising.

The London Marathon app for tracking runners was downloaded almost 300,000 times  enhancing the iconic sporting event;  37% of brits use fitness or wellness tech and on race the rush to donate caused Virgin Money website to crash.

Alexa gets a screen: Amazon’s ‘Knight’ touchscreen gadget leaked.

iPhone sales  have dropped year on year (but Apple’s revenue still rose) whilst the Windows phone is dead.


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