Everyone seems to talking about AI these days.

At the TED conference this week, Siri founder Tom Gruber hinted how he thought AI would augment human memory; What if you could have a memory that was as good as computer memory and is about your life? What if you could remember every person you ever met? How to pronounce their name? Their family details? Their favorite sports? The last conversation you had with them?

Meanwhile we have seen what Amazon’s new Echo might look like; it has a camera and sits in your bedroom. Is Amazon the most innovative company in the world right now?

Whilst AI has started to assist us at home, a team at Carnegie Mellon have achieved something MUCH more useful. It appears that whilst the software doesn’t have a ‘tell’ but does require a supercomputer to work.

Interesting week for Blockchain; Spotify’s acquisition of Mediachain in an attempt to solve music’s attribution problem and others are hoping Blockchain can reduce the scourge of ticket touts.

The great Podcast war of 2017 begins, Russell Brand is holding is own in the charts for Radio X.

Big number time; the Chinese government announced investment of £630 billion, into renewable energy technologies.