It’s Virtual Reality Show week in London and the F8 annual get together where Facebook tells the world what it’s up to.

VR has come a long way in the last year; driving an Audi car, exploring the surface of Mars to interactive physiotherapy, training submariners on a sub that is still being built, getting construction projects finished on time and delivering medicine to a crisis zone by helicopter.

It’s early days but still clear that multiple industries will be disrupted by VR and AR.

Facebook wants you to use its camera for more than just taking pictures. If there’s one message from this year’s F8, it’s that. “We’re going to make the camera the first mainstream AR platform,” said Mark Zuckerberg. They also announced plans for technology that allows people to communicate with their minds.

VR is beginning to go mainstream in music. Queen have been collaborating on reintroducing the iconic song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ as an experience through virtual reality and David Bowie’s musical is making the leap to VR.

Even David Attenborough wants to show us fossils in VR, and Google Earth has been enhanced for VR. Don’t open this at work as it could impact your productivity.

Maybe VR radio studios are next …