Golf fans enjoyed a great weekend; The Masters enhanced by Cognitive highlights courtesy of IBM Watson.

Uh Oh Google, Amazon is growing its ad business and it’s also growing its music streaming business (65 million Prime customers with access) and is only just getting started.

Burger King rolls out new TV ad designed to hijack Android cell phones and voice-activated Google Home speakers (and it could drive you nuts).

Speak to Go and Google will drop you at that exact location almost anywhere in the world in your VR headset whilst Bill Gates has his own VR channel and shows us small innovations can have big impacts.

Dallas Emergency Weather Warning Sirens ‘Hacked’ triggering all 156 sirens, 15 times.

The Mastermind behind Coachella festival which this year has augmented reality app.

How Cadbury’s make 350m Crème Eggs … Happy Easter.

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