A significant week in music with the first album to go Platinum solely on streaming; The Life of Pablo by Kanye West. Streaming is big business, contributing more to some record labels bottom line than downloaded media. As Spotify prepares for an IPO (possibly without selling shares first) it’s improved the relationship with Universal and some of their albums will only be available to subscribers for an initial two week period.

Streaming platforms generated around £3.5bn in 2016, a 68% year-on-year rise in revenues. The Apple Music App for Android has been updated with an experience in line with the iOS 10 App.

In hardware, Apple announced this week some sensible improvements to the iPad and that the cylindrical Mac Pro launched in 2013 amid much fanfare is undergoing a major revamp, due to limitations in upgradeability.  They also announced a future for the iPhone without graphic processors designed by Imagination,  move that’s cost the UK company 70% of its share price.

Google pulled some of the covers off the custom ASIC it designed to provide so much of the horsepower necessary for its growth in AI over the last six years. It’s a case in point of why sometimes it really is better to D.I.Y.

Intel are back in the news as they separate from McAfee a mere seven years after purchasing them for $7.68 billion. Does this mean that protection at the Hardware level is dead?

Samsung are back in business with a 50%+ profit jump.

A very helpful, simplified Artificial Intelligence landscape 2×2.

Finally, in this world of Kickstarter, social media and instant user feedback, a reminder that those dealing with corporate comms, should probably have a mandatory cooling off period before responding. It also begs the question, why do you need your Garage door connected to the internet? I guess the answer is ‘because you can’.