Following on from the tragic events on Westminster bridge just over a week ago, there have been renewed calls from the Government to have access to encrypted messaging services; not the first or last time Government request ‘backdoor access’.

Staying with the theme of security, dos having rules about complexity actually help? (apologies for the language), or is the weak link the human anyway? eBay seem to think so, with their announcement of ditching their hardware based one-time password in favour of the weaker and less secure SMS PIN.

In our efforts to separate the Human from the Bot, most of us will be familiar with the CAPTCHA test, but this week Google announced that they are making their automated reCAPTCHA system invisible to the end user to improve our web experience.

Congress repealed rules which prevented ISP’s selling your internet history. Could it be that we’re about to see a spike in user awareness of VPN’s and HTTPS in a bid to lock them out, or simply a migration away from those ISP’s that do put details up for sale? Only time will tell.

The demise of the human in the workplace? Or humans will find more valuable roles to fill in the supply chain? An insightful report from two economists from Boston and Bill Gates suggesting that we tax robot workers.

If you spend your time brainstorming, or collectively trying to answer difficult questions, then why not try these three alternative methods. Elon Musk has no issues coming up with ideas as he has yet another amazing week.

Google Home smart speaker gets UK launch date.