As the Ordnance Survey celebrates being in business for over 225 years, a distinctly more recent player Telefonica is busy buying an even newer player, Statiq in order to geo-locate customers and serve them targeted advertising; sound familiar? Does knowing where someone physically frequents for advertising purposes count as surveillance? Perhaps so as Facebook & Instagram ban developers from using data for surveillance purposes.

Speaking of Data, Eric Schmidt made a bold prediction that nation-states would fight over the control and analytics of it. In ad-tech, where data is fuel, a broadside from the world’s largest advertiser seeking standards and transparency and asking “craft or crap?”.

After an album release and a live session with StormzyEd Sheeran occupies 9 of the top 10 singles chart spots this week; have we tinkered so much that the chart has become meaningless?

Apple, Google & Dell employees are more productive, apparently.

Skull Island location appeared on Google Maps after the film release. Nice touch.

Researchers use sound to manipulate accelerometers in stationary smartphones, others make electronics stretchy and flexible and a third group make an advance in nanoscale computing. The Sideways Dictionary from Jigsaw (formerly Google’s Think Tank) is available to assist with technical terms by way of analogy.

Finally, as we wish the World Wide Web Happy Birthday here’s what Tim Berners-Lee thinks thinks his shy and retiring 28-year-old should do next…