Two things from the Oscars this week; don’t tweet if you need to concentrate at work, and  the emergence of the streaming providers.Amazon got 6 nominations and one win for ‘Manchester By The Sea’ and Netflix one nomination and a win with ‘The White Helmets’. These upstarts are disrupting the existing studio collective and streaming consumption on YouTube alone totals 1 billion hours a day.

As YouTube drop mandatory 30s pre-roll ads in favour of other more effective advertising methods (the previously mentioned 6s bumper ads) Fox are trying to offer viewers far fewer ads in exchange from more engagement. Could 60 seconds at the start of the programme, followed by 2 second top-ups really work?

DAX partners a A Million Ads have struck a deal with Pandora to bring dynamic creative to audio, and if you were in any doubt that automation and Ad-Tech are really at a time to shine, there really is a lot going on.

One of Amazons’ 13 datacentres went offline for four hours prompting the question – who should provide storage redundancy, the cloud or the customer?

In technical security this week, as 87% of millennials admit to password re-use, one company thinks it may have an answer to the uppercase, lowercase, number and special character conundrum. Microsoft has come out in favour of a ‘Digital Geneva Convention’ to protect individuals when nation states take action against each other.

With a thousand skills, the problem for Alexa now is discovery … and avoiding infinite loops … as this simple demonstration shows. Maybe there is a difference between speech recognition, response and actual intelligence.

Snap impressed investors with shares priced at $17, towards the high end of estimates, valuing the company at almost $24billion. They finish the week worth $33bn.