It’s week 8 of 2017, and this week techspel is on the move, as for reasons of health we take to the car park, and the city of Dubai looks to take to the skies.

There are AI bots locked in battle – over the content of Wikipedia whilst in Cambridge AI is learning to write its own code by looking at other peoples’ work. Could this put the job of a Coder in Jeopardy? Well, it’s not like it’s Quantum Physics is it?

Security wise it’s been a busy fortnight. The Queen officially opened the National Cyber Security Centre. Disseminating best practice information is becoming ever more important, as this week Google announced the first collision of the deprecated SHA-1 cryptography standard, that’s still in use by a significant portion of the web. Although it did take 6,610 years of processing time, Phishing victims this week helped hackers steal more than 600GB of data.

Microsoft  announced there will be two major updates to Windows 10 this year and a policy that users will be able to postpone installing updates for a maximum of 18 months. The days of ‘Set & Forget’ are now well and truly over. In their hardware department, they’ve spoken about hololens and the decision to skip v2 in favour of v3. And they’ve open sourced a drone training environment built on the Unreal Gaming engine called AirSim.

Snap is getting ready to IPO and YouTube is back in the news as they announced that the un-skippable 30 second pre-roll advert will be no more as of 2018. With more than 50% of all viewing now on mobile, their recently introduced 6s bumper ads are seen as a friendlier approach. All this video eats up broadband bandwidth so is 30MB the new norm?