There are more connected IoT devices in the world than people, but try not to sacrifice security in order to be first to market with a product.

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence team argues to keep the human in the loop in the interest of making tech more accurate. It seems that play just got serious with MIT and Google pitched AI against AI in the gaming arena; MIT tried finding the best developers whilst Google focussed on social dilemmas.

Google announced they were bringing WebVR to Chrome in a bid to make VR content more discoverable. Facebook struggling slightly more with its Oculus Rift platform and Lots of rumours of a $1,000 iPhone that will have AR technology at its heart and an X in it’s name (because X’s are cool).

Facebook trying to get in on the music scene and Radioplayer have launched their new in-car box which uses hybrid radio to find whatever station on whatever platform and present it to the driver through a simple, consistent and consequently safe interface. Could this be what is in the next new car you drive?

Amazon has chimed in with a video call offering with AD integration and up to 100 participants; and it has a whopping 65 million Prime members.

Apple’s attention to detail for its new building.