Last week, we asked if advertising in the Super bowl half-time was worth the money & there is no shortage of those willing to part with $5 million + for the spot including Google and H&R Block. What is it that both of these companies so desperately wanted to tell us about? I’ll give you a clue – it starts with A and ends with I. Salesforce have also thrown their hat into the AI ring with ‘Einstein’ but can Predictive Lead scoring lead to a 25% uplift in sales without more cold calls? (Maybe the computer is secretly making them in the background? – Ed)

AI requires lots of compute power; big datacentres with lots of servers doing natural language processing and contextual analysis. But what if we could replace that datacentre with a single (granted very large) Quantum Computer and what are the implications on Cyber Security?

Speaking of security – this week has seen a couple of notable events. A radio station in the US using Barix Boxes for the link to the transmitter was hacked (explicit language in this story), and one of Europe’s top hotels has been hit three times by cybercriminalswho were paid in bitcoin. Google can now identify criminals from blurred images.

An emotional radio that plays songs to match your mood? Or The Arrow hits the target every time.

Amazon maybe opening up stores in London and Snapchat (who have Global Radio filters in Leicester Square) has formed a collaboration with the BBC. We found out this week that you’re worth about $20 per month to Facebook, it gets confusing if you invite Alex Wright around for dinner and sit him near an Amazon Alexa,  And fans keep streaming football matches  despite the authorities trying to crack down.