Week 2 of 2017 and unlike most resolutions by now, we are still here, with the sophomore issue of techspel – the weekly heads-up of technology related to music, radio, ad-tech, mobile and other emerging technologies.

We would be remiss if we didn’t first and foremost address what will surely be one of the biggest stories of the year for our industry. That of FM Switch Off in Norway the first Western Country to take the step into a DAB only future.

iHearts new radio streaming lets you chose a song then return to the radio … a bit like My Capital? And speaking of Capital Ed Sheeran started this week off very nicely.

In the world of consumer electronics, the CES Show in Las Vegas is where the world and its wife have been this week. As the roundup link confirms, there’s actually been very little in the way of new AR / VR consumer devices. Perhaps the augmented future is still a little way off, or just waiting for that killer app. One trend that’s definitely going to be big in 2017 is Artificial Intelligence. The personal assistant may already be here in the form of Google’s Assistant, Siri and now Amazon’s Alexa, but perhaps the sprint to have all our technology always listening is leaving us too little time to consider unwanted outcomes, or other more serious implications.

Staying with AI, a new start-up in Silicon Valley is looking to use AI to find the best candidates for the job, rather than the best connected candidates. Could it be that in 2017, employment finally becomes about ‘What you know’ rather than ‘Who’?

The first broken resolution of the new year has to go Apple, who have announced an extension to their App Transport Security (ATS) deadline of January 1st 2017. Apple, on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone missed its internal growth targets in 2016 but did manage to publish its first AI paper.

Finally, takeovers a plenty with Atlassian purchasing Trello for $425 million (expect features you use in products like Jira and Confluence to integrate with the virtual post it notes of Trello very soon), Oculus buying an eye-tracking company and Snap acquiring an AI company (Snap also chose the UK to be its first headquarters outside the US because of the country’s “strong creative industries” and 10 million daily Snapchatters).